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Roots from the Philippines coming to the beautiful land of Arizona's dry desert weather, made my skin sensitive, itchy and developed skin issues. So i began learning and making a natural solution which i started with soaps using milk, rich oils, farm-fresh ingredients that are also sustainable. Eco-friendly and Waste-Free packaging because i love working with nature and not against it. Now my skin transformed into healthier, smoother, nourished, and glowing skin! I believe that we all deserve an honest and high quality all-natural self-care products! Thank you for choosing Sato Soaps for your best self investment!

Arizona Blond

The aroma is characterized by notes of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla, which combine to create a fragrance that is sexy, warm, comforting, and slightly sweet. A perfect masculine scent for any season!

Hallows Eve Soap

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Mr. Chocolate with Milk!

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Brings Joy in washing your dirty hands! Just Rub it with water and take a moment to emjoy that beautiful lather and scent that will uplift you! Watch it glow under Blue Light!